Providing Advanced Patient Care

Like any area of health care, dentistry has benefited from new technologies. These advances have resulted in faster, more efficient treatment and significant improvements in patient comfort. At Stoney Mountain Dental Care we are committed to offering the latest innovations in dental treatments and technology. A small sampling of the technologies we use is included below.

  • Intra-Oral Camera can produce accurate images of your teeth and the supporting structures. This allows you, your dentist and a dental technician that might be involved in your treatment, to see tooth defects. It also allows you to better understand the need for the recommended treatment.
  • Digital X-Rays used which eliminates 90% radiation. Digital X-rays do not require harmful toxic chemicals for film development and eliminate the use of plastic film packets. The x-ray image immediately appears on a computer screen to enable both the patient and the dentist to review immediately
  • Velscope is the leading device for oral cancer screening. This tool is essential for early detection of various cancers as well as other tissue abnormalities. The entire screening process takes less than two minutes, is completely non-invasive, and requires no rinses or dyes.

We have made new technology a part of our practice because of the clear difference it makes in the dental treatments we offer. Talk to us today to learn more 905-692-2273.